Excise deptt collects Rs 1.22 bln taxes so far

MULTAN: Excise, Taxation and Narcotics department has recovered Rs 1.22 billion taxes out of Rs 1.38 billion set target for 2020, 21 with 88 percent recovery ratio.

Talking to media persons here on Thursday, Deputy Director Admin/ ETO Excise Khalid Hussain Qasoori, said that the department had collected record taxes despite COVID-19 pandamic across Multan division.

He said that they had recovered Rs 560 million property tax against set target of Rs 671 million during first nine months from July 2020 to March 2021 which is 84 percent of the total target.

Similarly, Rs 588 million tax was recovered in connection with motor tax against the set target of Rs 556.7 million as annual recovery stood 106 percent.

Rs 40 million professional tax was recovered against Rs 80 million set target and recovery remained 50 percent.

The department recovered Rs 0.8 million entertainment tax against total target for annual year set Rs 3.4 million with 24 percent recovery ratio.

Likewise, Rs 30 million excise duty tax was recovered against Rs 60 million set target and recovery ratio recorded 50 percent.

Mr Qasoori further informed that Rs 2.8 million luxury house tax was recovered against the set target of Rs 5.5 million with recovery ratio of 52 percent.

He said that the record recovery of taxes only made possible due to better team work under the supervision of Director Excise Abdullah Khan.

He said that the first time, taxpayers avail opportunity for payment of property and token taxes through E-payment.