Farmers advised to conclude cotton cultivation

SARGODHA: Agriculture experts have advised farmers to complete cultivation of cotton by the end of current month, besides irrigating the fields according to weather conditions.

An official of Agriculture department talking to this scribe said that July, August and September were best for cotton cultivation and stressed that proper watering of fields should be ensured but water must not be allowed to stagnate.

He suggested two pest scoutings in the cotton fields daily and advocated consultation with agri-experts.”Farmers should avoid over use of Urea fertilizer for cotton plants as chances of pests attack increased after its excessive usage”.

Zinc, Boron and Urea spray were needed in case of dropping fruit, and four-time spray after a week using two litre Potassium Nitrate in 100 litres water can improve the health of plants.Or else a mixture of 10 kilograms Potassium Nitrate can also be used, he said.