Farmers advised to use balanced herbicides, fertilizers in sugarcane crops

FAISALABAD: Farmers have been advised to use balanced herbicides and fertilizers to enhance the yield of Baharia sugarcane crops.

A spokesman for the agriculture extension department said on Wednesday that removal of weeds from all crops was imperative to increase productivity as herbs hinder the growth of plants.

He advised the growers to use recommended herbicides two times in removing weeds from sugarcane crops or use

manual method of “Goddi” (hoeing) for this purpose. Farmers should also used fertilizers according to the advice of

agri experts so that growth of plants could be accelerated by applying fertilizers according to need of the crop.

He said that farmers should put addition earth on roots of the sugarcane plants when the crop became 100 to 110

days old. This process will also help in eradication of weeds from the crops in addition to strengthening roots of the


He said that farmers should use first time spray of one liter of Metolachlor or one kilogram of Ametryn and Atrazine in vitreous condition. The poisons mostly destroy seasonal herbs and after their use, there is no need remaining to spray

the crop again. However, in some cases a weed (Deela) survives largely despite the spray. Therefore, second spray

may be required to dispose of it or other weeds. To dispose of remaining weeds, the growers should apply Halosulfuron

at the rate of 20 grams per acre in 100 liters of water after one or one and a half months crop cultivation, he added.