Five killed in Haripur, Mansehra

ABBOTTABAD: At least five people were killed in three different incidents in Mansehra and Haripur districts.

According to police, Ali Zar Khan and Begum Jan widow of Muqarram Khan eloped from their village Kalu Khan Swabi to Niloor Mehndi Khaki Mansehra at the house of his uncle Bakht Nawaz Khan for marriage.

In the daytime, the killers entered the house and shot dead both Ali Zar Khan and Begum Jan and fled away.

The uncle of the deceased tried to register an FIR on the basis of enmity but during the initial investigation, he disclosed that the couple was killed in the name of honour by the brother of the ill-fated Ali Zar Khan.

Khaki police also arrested him and conducted search operation to detain Ehsan Ullah brother of Ali Zar Khan.

Police also handed over the dead bodies of the couple to their family after postmortem.

Another young couple found dead in a car No LEH-8660 at Soka Kot Najibullah and were identified as 27 years old Raja Mansoor Ali son of Raja Ali and 21 years old Anam Akhtar daughter of Mohammad Asghar resident of Mohallah Bandi Kot Najibullah.

Police told media that the cause of death of taking poising however, it was premature whether they were poisoned or committed suicide, the police added.

Kot Najibullah Police Station registered a case under FIR No. 174 and started the investigation while the dead bodies of both were handed over to the families.

According to the police sources, Raja Mansoor was working abroad while the girl Anam was a teacher in a private school of Haripur.

In another incident, a mother of two children was brutally slaughtered at a nearby place where she went for open defecation and

was killed by slitting her throat.

According to the Darban police station, Mah Rukh Jan wife of Mohammad Bashir came out last night from her house for defecation and could not reach home back, next day her slaughtered dead body was found in a nearby field.

Police registered a case against unknown persons and started the investigation.