Food deptt imposes Rs337500 fine on profiteers in Feb

ABBOTTABAD: Food Department Hazara division on Tuesday has imposed 337500 rupees fine on 244 shopkeepers during February 2019.

Food department has checked 310 shopkeepers for selling substandard items and overcharged found 76 guilty, a sum of 211000 fine was imposed on them, said press release.

In district Manshera inspected 375 shopkeepers found 67 guilty, a sum of 100500 fine was imposed on them.

In district Haripur, the department checked 343 shopkeepers found 66 guilty and imposed 247600 rupees fine.

District Battagram, Kohistan and Toraghar district the food department checked 190 shops and found 45 shopkeepers guilty and imposed 79000 fine on them.

The department has also collected 48 samples from Haripur, Battagram and Mansehra districts and sent them to the laboratory for examination of the quality of the food items and will also take action on receipt of the report for samples.