Govt to raise Forest Force in GB to protect green gold: Minister

ASTORE: Provincial Minister for Forest and Wildlife, Imran Wakeel here Wednesday said the government would raise forest force to protect the green gold for timber mafia and apprehended culprits on the spot.

The government has adopted zero tolerance against unlawful cutting of forest and illegal hunting of wildlife and strict action would be taken against timber mafia and hunters in the province.

Talking to a delegation here, the minister said the government has taken effective measures for conservation and protection of forests and wildlife and anyone found guilty of unlawful cutting of trees and illegal hunting of wildlife would be dealt with an iron hands.

He said punishment and reward system in Forest Department has been adopted and strict action would be taken against officials involved in corrupt practices, inefficiency and misconduct.

GB would be made lush green under Green Pakistan Project and maximum areas would be brought under plantation in the spring season.

Summery has been sent to the concerned authorities for regularization services of contractual and contingent employees of Forest Department, he said.

He said significant reduction has been witnessed in cutting of forest due to effective policies of GB government and community was mobilized to save forest and wildlife resources at local level.