Growers advised to keep weather situation in mind before harvesting wheat crop

FAISALABAD: Agricultural experts have advised growers to listen to the weather conditions before starting harvesting their wheat crop.

A spokesman of the Agriculture (Extension) Department said on Tuesday that meteorological department had forecast rains, coupled with thunder and windstorms in different parts of the country. Therefore, farmers should remain alert and listen to weather forecast carefully.

He said that radio and televisions were broadcasting weather reports regularly.

The spokesman said that combined harvester was the best option for wheat harvest. The combined harvesting machine could significantly reduce production losses and the crop does not stay in the field for long.

He also advised the maize growers to drain out stagnant rain water from maize crop fields so that the maize plants could be protected from death due to humid weather.

The stagnant rain water also poses risk of pest and disease attacks on the maize plants during humid weather. Therefore, farmers should take necessary steps along with the advice of the local staff of agriculture department to minimize the financial loss, he added.