Guidelines to keep Rabi crops safe amid rain, windstorm forecast

MULTAN: Agriculture spokesman has advised farmers to keep paying attention to weather forecast aired via Radio and television and immediately stop wheat cultivation in case of forecast of rain or windstorm and cover the harvested crop with a tarpaulin or sheet.

In a statement issued here Monday, the spokesman said that after rain the wet wheat stock be left exposed before sunlight to let it dry.

He said that more than expected rains were received this year while temperature also remained low and advised farmers to start harvesting their wheat crop only when it attained the maturity.

Farmers should prepare smaller heaps of harvested wheat and fasten them in a way that the fruit remains upward. Farmers should dig some soil around the field for water drainage. Farmers should apply combined harvester or reaper to lessen the loss to the maximum.

Spokesman advised maize farmers to also drain out rain water to nearby empty fields so that the plants do not die due to moist weather conditions. Moisture in the air also invites pest attack and farmers must contact officials to make proper arrangements timely. Water from fodder crops should also be drained out to nearby empty fields, the spokesman said. He, however, added that fodder crops can survive the presence of excess water in field.