Hazardous medical waste being dumped openly

SARGODHA: Most of the public and private sectors hospitals in the city are violating prescribed procedures for disposing of hazardous waste.

Hospitals, clinics and laboratories were dumping their waste which include sharps (needles, scalpels, etc.), laboratory waste and stocks, blood products, pathological wastes openly at garbage heaps.

Residents said various medical outlets have been violating prescribed rules and ignoring standard instructions in this regard and hazardous waste can be witnessed at different garbage heaps in the city.

They urged the authorities concerned to take up the matter of open garbage dumping of hospital’s waste and ensure compliance of proper procedures.

The official of health department said all hospitals should dispose of their infected waste through proper method to comply environmental rules, adding that it should not be mixed up with

the household garbage.

He added that hospitals and laboratories were bound to dump waste in separate bags of different colors and later it should be burnt.

He said that a comprehensive policy decision was being taken to bring small clinics and hospitals under hospital waste management system.

An official of District Administration talking to reporter said that strict action would be taken against the people involved in this illegal activity while the environment department was also collecting their data.