Health dept should take notice of leishmaniasis widespread in district Khyber: President Alkhidmat

PESHAWAR:Scores of people have been affected from leishmaniasis, a skin disease, within the limits of Khyber districts, said Hafiz Said Hakeem, President Al-Khidmat Foundation here on Saturday.

Talking to reporter, he said that the affect of leishmania is widespread in the areas including Landikotal, Lowargi, Jamrud and Bara and have around 9500 registered patients.

He said that patients are also complaining non-availability of medicine at hospitals especially an injection which is available in market at a price of Rs. 1200 which is unafforable by the poor people.

Hafiz Said Hakeem also demanded of Health Department to forthwith take notice of the widespread eruption of cases of leishmania in Khyber District and initiate measures for prevention and cure.