Hindko Academy launches book on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

PESHAWAR:The Gandhara Hindko Academy has published and launched a book on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to mark the birth bicentennial of this great social reformer and educationist of the subcontinent.

Titled “Bar-e-Sagheer Ka Sir Syed—Fikr-e-Sir Syed Kee Do Sadyaan” (Sir Syed of the

Subcontinent – two centuries of the thoughts of Sir Syed), the 150-page publication has been penned by a noted cultural activist, Dr Salahuddin.

The author is a medical doctor, having specialization in General Medicine. He is vice-chairman

of the Gandhara Hindko Board, a literary and cultural organization which runs the Gandhara Hindko Academy under public-private partnership.

The book has been dedicated to Hakim Muhammed Said, a known philanthropist, scholar and prominent researchers in the field of Eastern medicines. He founded Hamdard Foundation in 1948 and was martyred in Karachi on October 17, 1997 at the age of 77.

The book has 19 sections. Each part gives a good insight to the readers into the life and

remarkable work of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who significantly influenced the Indian Muslim thought.

He is considered the founding father of the Two-Nation Theory that later led to the creation of


The author has given the references at the end of the each chapter. This is a break with the conventional practice which has been introduced to facilitate the readers.

Various terms used in the book have been explained in the alphabetical form in the 10-page index given at the main chapters of the publication.

The book has highlighted various aspects of the life of the iconic leader and the steps he undertook to infuse a new spirit in the lives of the Muslims of the subcontinent who were deeply disappointed after the 1857 War of Independence.

Gandhara Hindko Board Chairman Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi has written the foreword to the book. He says Sir Syed Ahmad Khan served as a beacon of light and guidance for the Muslims of the subcontinent.

The board chairman says Aligarh Muslim University was the biggest gift of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to

the Muslims of the subcontinent and those enrolled on this great seat of learning served against high positions first in the united India and later in Pakistan.

Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi has praised Dr Salahuddin for enumerating the meritorious services of Sir Ahmad

Khan in his research-based Urdu book in easily understandable language.

Author Dr Salahuddin in the preface to the book has said Sir Syed Ahmad Khan did a great service to

the Muslims of the subcontinent in the field of education. The writer says he has tried to bring forth the efforts the great leader made for the cause of the Muslims of the subcontinent.

The Gandhara Hindko Academy arranged a function at its Dr Zahoor Ahmad Awan Hall to formally launch

the book. Writers, poets and people from other walks of life attended the ceremony.

Colonel (Retd) Sikandar Zia presided over the programme which was conducted by Mohammad

Ziauddin, an eminent Hindko writer, poet and research scholar.

The speakers talked about the book contents. They termed the publication a good effort to spotlight

the struggle waged by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan for the educational rehabilitation of the Muslims of the subcontinent.

Ziauddin, who is also Chief of Executive Committee of the Gandhara Hindko Academy and conducted the

programme, said Sir Syed Ahmad Khan did a great service to the Muslims of the subcontinent by guiding them during the post-Independence War difficult times.

He said at a time when the services of this great figure were being acknowledged even in India,

unfortunately the relevant government departments did not plan any activity to celebrate the birth bicentennial of the leader.

“The Gandhara Hindko Academy has performed its duty by bringing out a research-based publication. We hope others will follow us,” said Ziauddin who has been serving the Gandhara Hindko Board since its launch in year 1993.