Hindus celebrate Diwali

SUKKUR: Members of the Hindu community in Sukkur celebrated ‘Diwali’ the annual festival of lights on Thursday.

To mark the festival, Hindu community members light earthen lamps in a practice that symbolizes the lighting of such lamps by the people of Ayodhaya on the occasion of Lord Rama’s return to the capital.

Diwali is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama after completing a 14-year exile in jungle, according to the Hindu faith.

At Hindu temples across Sukkur, special gatherings were held to mark the occasion.

The main congregation was held at the Sadhu Bela Temple on Thursday evening.

Religious scholars delivered sermons preaching love and peace as prescribed by Lord Rama.

Bhajans and other religious songs were sung at the gatherings that concluded with special prayers for the integrity, solidarity and prosperity of the country and the Hindu community. Free food was also distributed.