IGP lauds LEAs, civil society for peaceful Muharram observance

PESHAWAR: Inspector General of Police (IGP), Salahuddin Khan Mehsood has lauded the services of all concerned departments for their help and coordination which led to peaceful observance of Muharram in the province.

In a statement issued from the CPO here on Monday, the provincial police officer highly commended round the clock support and services of all concerned departments, Aman Committees and print and electronic media who all worked in complete coordination and harmony due to which Aushura Muharram was observed peacefully. The police chief particularly lauded the police force duly supported by armed force, Intelligence Agencies and Civil Armed Forces.

The IGP recalled in the message that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police have always proved its worth by displaying valour and courage in a professional manner and particularly it was practically demonstrated during Muharram across the province.

The IGP also acknowledged the role of Ulema of both sects who maintained sanctity of Muharram and feelings of Muslim brotherhood by preaching unity, mutual tolerance and coherence adding their practical help and cooperation extended to the police force and local administration helped maintain peace during the Muharram.

He also expressed satisfaction over the foolproof security arrangements for Muharram and urged more unity, cohesion, integrity and spirit of brotherhood amongst Muslim in future too.

The IGP in his statement assured that foolproof security would be given to all Majalis and processions to be taken out in coming days of Muharram for which all arrangements have been finalised.