Ischemic heart disease prevention seminar held

RAWALPINDI: The risk of heart disease is increasing with growing age and is only preventable by adopting proper diet and following preventive measures.

Ischemic Heart Diseases prevention seminar was held here at Benazir Bhutto Hospital on Wednesday to create awareness among the citizens about increasing heart disease in the country.

Addressing the seminar Consultant Cardiologist Benazir Bhutto Hospital Dr. Mehdi Hassan Raja said excess intake of junk food and lack of exercise and less sleep was leading to spread of heart attacks. He said 40 minutes walk daily was essential to avoid heart diseases.

Morning walk daily keeps the body’s temperature, blood pressure normal as all parts get proper movement. He said smoking, diet full of fats like Paya, nihari, beef, brain, kidneys, halwa puri were highly injurious for health.

He said vegetables, pulses and soup were beneficial food for a healthy heart. People must take a balanced diet to avoid the risk of having heart attack.

Doctors, nurses, paramedics and large number of citizens participated in the seminar and appreciated the effort of the hospital for creating awareness among masses about ways of adopting healthy lifestyle.