Isra university’s employees stage protest against stoppage of salaries

HYDERABAD: The employees of Isra University on Monday staged a protest demonstration against non payment of salaries and blocked Hyderabad – Hala road for several hours.

Hundreds of employees of Isra university and hospital have been protesting since the last 5 days against the university management against the stoppage of their salaries.

According to protesting employees, Qazi brothers (owners of Isra hospital/university) had initially stopped medical insurance of the employees and now salaries are not being paid.

They appealed to relevant authorities to take notice of the injustices and put pressurize Isra management for immediate payment of the salaries.

The Isra management has blocked all accounts of the university and hospital, they said and alleged that except favourite salaries of all employees had been stopped.

As per rules, no one is allowed to stop salaries and medical facilities to the employees during pendency of court proceedings, they said and warned that employees would expedite protest movement for resolution of genuine demands if their problems were not resolved.