Italian Envoy shows interest to support Pakistan in education

RAWALPINDI:Punjab Minister for Literacy and Informal Basic Education Raja Rashid Hafeezhas has said that the people of Pakistan and Italy were bound in deep relations of friendship.

These relations are being further strengthened by the cooperation of the people of the two countries in various fields.

He said this while talking to Italian Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese. The Italian ambassador visited the provincial minister’s residence in Satellite Town the other day and discussed issues of mutual cooperation in the social sector.

Expressing good wishes, the provincial minister said that we were grateful for Italy’s support for the development of the social sector and our bilateral cooperation would continue in the future.

On the occasion, the Italian ambassador said that he had visited many cities in Pakistan and found a home-like atmosphere and he did not feel alienated in Pakistan.

He said that he wished to see the development and prosperity of the people of Pakistan and wanted to see Pakistan in the ranks of developed nations.

Later on the Italian ambassador, along with the provincial minister, distributed books and bags among deserving students at the International Community Support Foundation’s office.

The event was attended by a large number of teachers and students, including the head of the foundation, Sultan Faiz. The students presented beautiful colorful programs. The Italian ambassador appreciated the performance of the children and said that Pakistani students had immense potential.

He also lauded the steps taken by the Punjab government to promote education and increase literacy rate. He especially paid homage to Raja Rashid Hafeez and said that considering the diligence with which the provincial minister was working.

Raja Rashid Hafeez thanked the Italian ambassador and said that we were grateful for the cooperation of the Italian Embassy in the field of education.

He also mentioned that the practical steps taken by the Punjab government to increase the literacy rate .