JI Women Wing office-bearers felicitate Ummah on eve of Ramzan

RAWALPINDI: Nazima of Jamaat Islami Women Wing North Punjab, Samina Ihsan and Nazima District Islamabad Nusrat Naheed have felicitated the Ummah on the advent of the holy month of Ramzan and said that Allah has once again blessed us with the opportunity to please Him during these blessed moments.

In a joint statement issued here Tuesday, they said every moment of this holy month was very special. During this month, Allah decorates the Jannah for his servants and chains the satanic forces, so that his servants could get trained during this month with patience, perseverance, empathy and benevolence and be prepared to fight the evil during rest of the year.

They said piety could only be achieved if fasting, Sehr and Iftar were arranged according to their true Islamic spirit. They quoting a Hadith said that fast was not only for the stomach, but to control every part of the body from evil doings.