Kotli Sattian being developed as a tourist destination; 70% project completed

RAWALPINDI: Kotli Sattian, a beautiful tourist site, is being developed as an alternative to Murree and the provincial government is spending Rs 22.3 million to make it as a tourist destination, said Commissioner Rawalpindi Capt. ® Muhammad Mehmood.

He said, the project was launched in 2019 and overall 70 percent work of the project has been completed.

He informed that the work was underway to improve the tourism sites in Kotli Sattian and surrounding areas.

He said, the people would be provided an alternative hill station which would lessen the tourist load in Murree.

He said, all the basic facilities would be provided in the area to attract the visitors, adding that the area had an exotic view of Jhelum river and the rest of Azad Kashmir

from the hills in the area.

Commissioner said the government had selected Kahuta and Kotli Sattian as an alternative to Murree and being developed as hill stations.

The highest point in the subdivision is on Phofandi Peak which is over 7, 035 feet above sea level.

East of Patriata is the Phofandi spur. It separates from Patriata at the peak and runs down towards Khad Biaga on the south.

Phofandi is the last village in Kotli Sattian subdivision while its neighbouring village Khalabut Sattian falls in Murree Subdivision.

A forest rest house constructed in 1926 during the British Raj is in the area which is 4, 000 feet above sea level which would also be renovated.

The rest house is located on an ideal location in the green hills of the area and also has a visitor book which has comments of prominent personalities.

Kotli Sattian, a beautiful hill station is 65 kms from Islamabad and Rawalpindi and was easily approachable and the visitors can reach the point within an hour.