KP Govt order inquiry into dumping of hospital wasters into Chitral river

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Tuesday took strong note of dumping hospital wastes into Chitral river by the management of District Headquarter Hospital and ordered an inquiring into the matter and fixing of responsibility.

On the directions of senior minister health Shahram Tarakai, Secretary Health KP has appointed Additional Director General Health Dr. Khalid Iqbal (BPS-20) as inquiry officer. In an office order issued from secretary health office to this effect, the inquiry officer has been directed to leave for Chitral immediately, carryout inquiry, fix responsibility and submit report within four working days.

The inquiry will find out since when has the practice of dumping hospital wastes in river been going on, whose responsibility was it to ensure hospital waste was properly disposed of, was a dumping ground indicated and if so, was a transport arrangement was made for the purpose and by whom.

According to the office order, the Medical Superintendent of DHQ Hospital Chitral who is on mandatory course in Peshawar has been barred from resuming the charge after completion of the course till the completion of the inquiry and fixation of responsibility.

Meanwhile DHO Chitral has been tasked to look after the charge of MS, DHQ Hospital Chitral. Similarly, the DMS In-charge has also been relieved from his duties till the completion of the inquiry and Director General Health Services has been directed to appoint a temporary DMS from amongst the senior doctors of the hospital.

The Director General Health Services has also been directed to issue instructions to all the MSs of the hospitals throughout the province on how to properly dispose off hospitals waste.

The DG health will also ask all the MSs to furnish certificates in writing that such practice is not going in their hospitals especially those situated near river banks. The Divisional Monitoring Teams of Independent Monitoring Unit have also been directed to carry out special visits on this account and make it part of overall indicators.