KP Info minister seeks ban on entry of Qadar Patel into NA

PESHAWAR:Provincial Information Minister Shaukat Ali Yusafzai Thursday called for banning the entry of PPP MNA Qadar Patel in the National Assembly for using indecent words during the NA session. In a statement reacting over the indecent remarks made by the PPP MNA in the National Assembly, the Information Minister said that Federal Minister Murad Saeed was not only hero of the PTI but an ideal personality for the youth. The PPP MNA made an immoral statement against Murad Saeed in the assembly session. Murad Saeed has totally devoted himself for fighting against corruption and always exposed the corrupt people and their stooges before the nation. He argued that the PPP should also take action against their MNA Qadar Patel for uttering un-parliamentary words in the august House. The Information Minister maintained that PPP ChairmanBilawal Bhutto Zardari was not aware of the history of his own country as the expensive agreements with the IPPs were signed by the PPP leaders in their governmentin the past.