Lawyers continue protest in Haripur against amendment in CPC

HARIPUR:The lawyers of District Bar Haripur on Tuesday continued protest on second consecutive day against the amendments made by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to Civil Procedure Code (CPC).

The lawyers while addressing on the occasion said legal fraternity would not accept amendments to CPC.

They said under the amended rules the complainants would now file appeals against the judgment of the civil court in the high court instead of the sessions court.

The speakers said they would continue the strike until the KP government revert the amendments made in the CPC which would put an extra burden on the high courts and justice would be further delayed.

Due to the boycott of the lawyers in Haripur the hearing of all cases were adjourned till next dates. On the call of Haripur Bar Club a three-day protest was started from

December 9 and continue till 11th December.