Legal notice served to Hyderabad administration for maintaining cleanliness in the area

HYDERABAD: A lawyer on Saturday served sent a legal notice to the district administration, municipal and Railways authorities for maintaining cleanliness and draining stagnant sewage water.

Lawyer Mohammad Ali Kolachi, in his notice to Commissioner Hyderabad, Mayor Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (HMC) and Station Superintendent Hyderabad Railway Station, said, “For the last six months residents of Goods Naka area have been facing difficulties due to the presence of dirty poisoned sewerage water on main roads and in the streets in front of the railway station and Goods Naka. ”

The Khidmat-i-Khalq Hospital, newspaper market, several hotels and the railway station were marooned by the ankle deep sewage water, he added.

“The sewage water is also causing strong and unbearable stench and affecting health of the residents,” he said.

Kolachi stated that the Sindh Environment Protection Act, 2014, was being violated. A pollution free environment was right of the citizens and its provision was responsibility of the government, he added.

He requested the authorities to immediately resolve the problem. He gave 15 days to the authorities after which he would take the matter to Sindh High Court.