Longest & fastest solo bike ride: Abid pedals 3, 000 km to reach Khunjerab Pass

GILGIT: Cyclist Abid Baig has reportedly undertaken the longest and the fastest solo bicycle ride in Pakistan by pedalling some 3, 000 kilometers to reach Khunjerab Pass in 12 days.

Baig started his ride from Princess of Hope at Hingol National Park in Balochistan with the objective to promote tourism and cycling sports in the country, and sensitize the public about the drastic effects of climate change, especially the melting of glaciers due to global warming.

The cyclist educated and encouraged people en-route to participate in the plantation campaigns and discourage deforestation.

Baig, who is a resident of Sheraz locality of Haiderabad Hunza, through his solo endeavors gave a message to the world that Pakistan is safe country with no security issues for the tourists.