Monitory mechanism launched to impede record’s misappropriation

MUZAFFARGARH: District government decided on Thursday to launch monitory mechanism to impede misappropriation in record of matrimony, birth and death registered here.

Meeting presided over by DC Amjad Shoeb Tareen ordered to hold action against unregistered Nikah Khawans. None of the matrimony would be approved but the one which listed on the register authorised by the government.

According to notification undersigned by Amjad Shoeb, a three-member committee headed by Deputy Director Development Anam Hafeez was constituted to check the concerned record to put up to higher authority on weekly basis.

Other members of the committee included Deputy Director Local Government Muhammad Shahid and Tehsil Officer Regulation Shabana Rasheed.

The committee was also designated for implementing laws on Child Marriage Restraint Act across the district.