Multi Slice Wholebody CT Scan inaugurated in KTH

PESHAWAR:The Multi Slice Wholebody CT Scan worth Rs109 million has been formally inaugurated in the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department of Khyber Teaching Hospital.

Hospital Director Dr Muhammad Zafar Afridi and Medical Director Prof Dr Irshad Ahmed handed the machine to Radiology Department Chairperson Prof Dr Hina Gul.

The machine is installed for the facilitation of patients and quick delivery of trauma patients.

Earlier the KTH had one slice CT Scan installed in 2006 through endowment fund which consuming more time on patient.

Present hospital management is working day and night to equip the hospital with latest technology diagnostic services. The supply chain department is working hard to meet all purchase and procurement requirements of the hospital.

It overcomes limitation of conventional CT scanning and enhances efficiency with the advanced features. It is equipped with radiation dose reducing technology (Including Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction AIDR-3D). It allows to scan every patient at lower doses without affecting work flow.

The machine offers quick and accurate diagnosis with the industry fastest 3D reconstruction speed of 60 images per second and with smallest slice thickness of 0.5mm. It is equipped with sophisticated technology for cardiac CT application and Cardiac CT angiography. Trauma scans and CT scans of obese patients are made easier.

The board of governors played the key role for making the institution one of the best and equipped with state of the art technology for the best interest of patient care.

As the provincial health department is focusing on the improving of health delivery system, purchase of more equipment is in the pipeline to fulfill the requirement of the new A&E department.