NHA clears 8 glaciers from Naran road

NARAN:After a long period of five and a half months, National Highway Authority (NHA) Wednesday cleared and opened Kaghan to Naran road.

According to the NHA spokesperson, the Naran road was cleared after one month hectic struggle by removing 8 small and large size glaciers from the road.

Last year, owing to heavy snowfall from Lambi Patti to Naran road was blocked from several places, Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) Director General Muhammad Asif told the media that from Balakot to Naran Mansehra Naran Jalkhad (MNJ) road was opened by NHA and the residents who migrated during the winter season had started coming back.

He said owing to the wake of the third wave of coronavirus Kaghan valley is still closed for tourists until May 16th, particularly during the ‘Eid vacations’.

Earlier, during the last week MNJ road was cleared till Kaghan and now it’s open for all sorts of vehicular traffic till Naran.

Usually every year Shahrah-e-Kaghan is closed for all sorts of vehicular traffic between November and March when glaciers move downslope and cover the road, but this year the road was blocked for an extra period owing to heavy snowfall during the winter season.

The NHA officials told media that the road was opened from Balakot to Naran for all sorts of vehicular traffic but from Naran to Babusar Top road is still closed and it will take few more days to open the remaining portion of the road due to heavy snow.