NMU VC inoculated against Coronavirus

MULTAN: Nishtar Medical University (NMU) VC, Dr Ijaz Masood got first dose of COVID-19 here on Thursday.

A spokesperson for NMU said that the VC was vaccinated in Neuro Trauma Centre where Coronavirus vaccine centre has been set up.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ijaz thanked Pakistani and Chinese governments for provision of the inoculation adding that it is the safe vaccine which has not shown any side effects.

He advised public not to become part of negative propaganda on social media about the vaccine.

The VC urged people to adopt all precautionary measures about the global pandemic by the time each one of us gets inoculated.

Meanwhile, Children Complex Medical Superintendent, Dr Zahid Akhtar also vaccinated against COVID-19.

As many as 225 healthcare workers of the health facility have been vaccinated so far.