One wheeling goes unchecked in Ramzan

RAWALPINDI: One wheeling was going unchecked on various roads of the city particularly after Iftar as motor bikers, mostly teenagers, continued to perform dangerous stunts of one wheel on busy roads of the city.

The one-wheelers were seen performing dangerous stunts on the roads at Ayub Park, Peshawar Road, Saddar, Murree Road and other areas especially during nights

Asad Khan a resident of Chandni Chowk said despite all efforts of police to eliminate this practice, the trend of one-wheeling was increasing day by day.

Meanwhile, Chief Traffic Officer Rai Mazhar Iqbal said strict orders have been issued to all the traffic wardens, inspectors and Deputy Superintendent of Police of all sectors to impound altered motorcycles prepared for wheelies to curb the practice of one wheeling.