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Pakistan’s armed forces, nation ready to thwart Indian misadventure in AJK, says Abdullah Gul

RAWALPINDI:Chairman Tehreek e Jawanan Pakistan and Kashmir (TJPK) Abdullah Hamid Gul said the nation was standing besides Pakistan’s armed forces to give befitting response to any Indian misadventure if carried out in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

Pakistan would stop India at all costs from ripping off Kashmiris’ identity.

He made these remarks while addressing a conference at the TJPK secretariat here on Sunday.

The TJPK Chairman said that Pakistan could not bear any crisis in the prevailing scenario whereas national development and stability was the priority of the government and all other institutions.

The entire nation was standing besides its valiant armed forces who turned the tide in war against terrorism and made the country’s defence invincible against all enemies, he added.

“The nation acknowledges the great sacrifices of the armed forces for the protection of the country,” he said.

Abdullah Gul said the international community should intervene to halt India from military aggression in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He regretted that the United Nations Security Council was inactive on Kashmir Issue where as in case of a nuclear conflict between the two rival countries the entire world would have to bear the consequences.

“Kashmiris will win their freedom from the clutches of India themselves and every Kashmiri living around the world should highlight Indian occupied forces atrocities unleashed on innocent Kashmiris in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

Abdullah Gul said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was jeopardizing the peace and security of South Asia whereas any misadventure of India forces in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir would be thwarted with extreme response.

Abdullah Gul said the world should realize that Kashmiris have been kept under siege for over three months without any normalcy brought in the situation by the Indian government. There was a huge humanitarian crisis being made by the Indian forces in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir, he added.