People should avoid self medication: Dr Shehla

SUKKUR: Health specialist Dr Shehla Tuesday said that about 30, 000 women die every year in Pakistan from pregnancy-related complications and their death does not seem to bother society, especially the people at the helm of affairs.

Talking to reporter, on the occasion of World Health Day, she said that health is a gift of Almighty Allah and people should avoid self medication unless advised by doctors.

Giving some figures on maternal death, she informed the audience that one woman dies every 30 minutes and around 375, 000 suffer from pregnancy-related complications annually in Pakistan. She further said that most of these women died due to excessive bleeding, high blood pressure and infections, their deaths were actually caused by a number of socio-economic factors, she said, adding that the factors included poverty, low status of women in society and a lack of education. Our women are highly anaemic and repeated pregnancies, most of the time without their consent, adversely affect their health status. Most poor women deliver at homes in unhygienic conditions at the hands of unskilled birth attendants, she added.