Pk-Army imparting training to ex-Levies, Khasadar forces’ personnel

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Army is imparting 3-month training to the personnel of ex-Levies and Khasadar forces in 18 training centres and as well as in different police training schools through highly trained and qualified instructors.

This was told to Inspector General of Police (IGP), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dr, Sanaullah Abbasi during a briefing held here in Central Police Office (CPO) on Tuesday. He was briefed in detailed about ongoing training of the ex-Levies and Khasadars.

The IGP was told that so far two phases of their basic training had been completed in which 10960 officials had been trained. The IGP was further told that a total of 7034 officials in Pak Army training centers and 997 officials in different police training schools had been imparted special basic training and they will now play their best role in policing.

The IGP was also informed that all trainees took keen interest in their training and successfully passed all training phases of curricular and co-curricular activities.

During the briefing the IGP was also informed that the training of 2926 officials in different police schools is being going on which would be completed in the 1st week of May.

The IGP was informed that the officials were imparted training about weapon handling, SMG firing, parade and physical training.

Referring to the training of Levies and Khasadars in Pak- Army training centers the IGP was briefed that in the 1st phase a total of 3717 officials were trained which included 899 in North Waziristan, 735 in South Waziristan, 28 in Sub-Division Darazinda DIKhan, 100 in Sub-Division Jandoola Tank, 100 in Sub-Division Wazir Bannu, 60 in Sub-Division Bettani Lakki, 188 in Sub-Division Dara Adam Khel Kohat, 433 in Kurram, 190 in Orakzai, 46 in Sub-Division Hassan Khel Peshawar, 439 in Khyber, 250 in Mohamand and 249 in Bajur. Similarly the IGP was informed that in the 2nd phase a total of 3317 officials were trained in Pak- Army centers under the command of Pak Army and police instructors which included 878 in North Waziristan, 173 in South Waziristan, 102 in Sub-Division Jandoola, 200 in Sub-Division in Dara Adam Khel Kohat, 399 in Kurram, 200 in Orakzai, 42 in Sub-Division Hassan Khel Peshawar, 443 in Khyber, 250 in Mohmand and 250 in Bajaur.

Addressing on the occasion the IGP Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi said that professionally trained jawans could meet the impending challenges in a befitting manner and could easily achieve their targets in the field.

The IGP further went on to say imparting best training to the levies and khasadars was the need of the hour so as to enable them to play their pivotal role in defense of the country as well as ensure protection to the life and honour of the local dwellers.

The IGP disclosed that equipping police jawans of merged districts was his top most priority and vowed that police (Ex-Levies and Khasadars) would be equipped with latest training and their hidden capabilities would further be polished.

The IGP thanked Pakistan Army for extending full cooperation in imparting training to the police personnel of the merged areas.