PM Nawaz last hope for Kashmiris, Pakistanis: Kirmani

PALANDARI: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs Asif Kirmani Monday said that Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was the last hope for the people of Kashmir and Pakistan.

This was not only being said by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) but its opponents were harping on the same also, he said while addressing the participants of the PML-N Workers Convention here.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, he said, himself acknowledged in his address to the joint sitting of AJK Assembly and Council that Nawaz Sharif was the last hope for people of Kashmir and Pakistan.

He expressed the confidence that the Kashmir issue would be resolved under the leadership of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif.

It was the hallmark of PML-N that it had always effectively highlighted the Kashmir issue at every fora stressing its resolution as per the wishes of its people and resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

Kirmani said his father had taken oath of ‘political allegiance’ to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and he himself with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to serve the country.

He said the PML-N would form the next government in AJK after winning the upcoming general elections.

The next government in the AJK would be of PML-N and the party workers must keep their morale high, he said while addressing a PML-N Workers Convention here.

The PML-N government, he said, would work for the progress andd prosperity of AJK villages and towns and bring them at par with developed areas of Pakistan.

Kirmani urged the AJK people to elect upright candidates in the next elections and reject those who had looted the public money and damaged national economy by staging sit-ins.

He said it was the hallmark of PML-N that despite not being in power it always remained in contact with the AJK people at the grassroots level.

He said the days of the incumbent AJK government were numbered due to its inefficiency and corrupt practices during its last four and a half years tenure.

The present AJK government was like a sinking ship as “the day of judgement” was approaching soon when it would be answerable to the people for all its bad deeds at the hustings, Kirmani said.

He said the Kashmir issue would be resolved during the tenure of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, who had already highlighted it using his political sagacity. The Prime Minister, he said, was fully committed to the cause of Kashmir.

He said the vision of PML-N was to ensure a progressive and prosperous Kashmir by constructing motorways, expressways, schools, colleges, universities and hospitals like being bulit in Pakistan.

The AJK people, he said, would decide by rejecting the plunderers and voting for those who had released development funds worth billions for them.

He said the negative politics and sit-ins had caused loss of billions to the country’s economy and stability.