PML-N always respect supremacy of law, rule: Minister

GILGIT: Minister for Local government and Rural Development GB Farman Ali has said that respect for the supremacy of constitution and law was binding upon all of us as no one was above the law.

Talking to media men here, he said PML-N always showed respect for the law and constitution and played its due role in strengthening it in the country.

He reiterated that all the state institutions should work in their constitutional parameters.In the societies where there was no respect for law and constitution, the people were victim of anarchy and other social evils and resultantly the state institutions came on collision course with each other.

The independent judiciary was dreamt by the PML-N leadership and implemented it in letter and spirit.

Mohammad Nawaz Sharif despite reservations accepted his disqualification through a Supreme Court judgment, he explained.

The PML-N would continue its constitutional battle and win the same from the court of law, he concluded.