Police destroys huge quantity of narcotics in Haripur

HARIPUR: City police station Haripur on Monday destroyed huge quantity of narcotics, under the supervision of Judicial Magistrate Mubarak Ali, seized during various operations.

According to details, Haripur police seized a huge quantity of narcotics from the years 2016 to 2021 where during the year 2016 seized 3.75 Hashish in four cases, 2017 in 52 cases seized 57.165 Hashish, 28.967 KG Heroin, 540 bottle liquor.

During the year 2018, Haripur police seized 22.618 KG Hashish in 29 cases11.961 kg Heroin, 900 bottle liquor while in the year 2019 police seized 42.34 kg hashish in 53 cases, 39.850 kg heroin, 513 bottle liquor, during the year 2020 Haripur police seized 29.219 kg hashish in 108 cases, 15.875 kg heroin, 5880 bottle liquor.

Haripur police registered 27 cases against drug dealers and paddlers during the year 2021 where a 2010 bottles of local liquor were also seized.

Judicial Magistrate Mubarak Ali inspected the seized narcotics including Heroin 71 kg Hashish 155 kh, liquor 9843 bottle and 60 grams ice.

Under the supervision of the Judicial Magistrate police burnt the narcotics, the magistrate remained on the site till the complete destruction.

On the occasion, SP investigation Haripur and other judicial staff were also present.