Police lauded for making foorproof security arrangements in Muharram

JHANG: Deputy Commissioner Mudassar Riaz Malik has praised the district police and other law enforcing agencies for making foolproof security arrangements during Muharramul Haram especially on Yaum-e-Ashur.

In a press statement issued here on Monday, he said that citizens of Jhang and Ulema belonging to all schools of thought exercised religious harmony and proved that Jhang had become a peaceful district.

He said that Rescue 1122, FESCO, PTCL, Civil Defense, Health Department and staff of Local Bodies institutions performed their duties very well.

He expressed the hope that people of Jhang would also show similar attitude to ensure progress of the area and prosperity of the citizens.

He also appreciated the role of electronic and print media during Muharram ul Haram.

Local holiday was declared today (Monday) October 02 after peaceful Ashura, 10th Muharram in the district.