Political parties should do constructive opposition in the larger national interest

Earlier, taking part in the debate, PTI’s Faisal Javed Khan said political parties should do constructive opposition in the larger national interest.

The Kashmir issue, he said, had gone into background due to the opposition’s sit-in. He said no case had been registered against the opposition leaders by the PTI government.

He said the PTI government on the very first day had offered the opposition an inquiry into the allegations of rigging in the general election, but neither Maulana Fazlur Rehman nor anyone else lodged any case in that regard.

Opposition senators Usman Khan Kakar, Farooq H Naek, Mushtaq Ahmed, Sherry Rehman, Bahramand Khan Tangi, Raza Rabbani, Moula Bakhsh Chandio, Abdul Qayyum, Ghafoor Haideri and others criticized the government for growing inflation, alleged political victimization and censorship on media.

They alleged that the government had amended the National Accountability Bureau ordinance to target political opponents, who were being victimized in the name of accountability. Media workers were not allowed to perform their professional duties freely, they claimed, adding the opposition leadership had been put in jails.

The opposition’s protest march, they said, represented the sentiments of people, who were facing high inflation as the government had failed to provide them relief.