Prices of essential items fixed for Ramazan Bazaars

FAISALABAD: On the directions of Punjab government, the district administration has fixed prices of essential items for Ramazan Bazaars.

The price of various commodities including ‘basin’, lemon, lentils, dates, tomato and other items has been reduced up to 60 percent.

According to notification, ‘basin’ will be sold in Ramazan bazaar at the rate of Rs 98 per kg while the price in the open market is Rs 130 per kg.

The price of lemon in Ramazan bazaar will be Rs 185 per kg, ‘Daal Chana’ Rs 94 per kg, dates Irani Rs170 per kg, tomato 40 per kg, garlic (desi white) Rs 70 per kg, guava Rs 60 per kg, apple Rs 120 per kg, banana Rs 105 per kg, potato Rs 33 per kg and onion Rs 17 per kg. The sugar will be sold in Ramazan Bazaar at Rs 65 per kg.