Protest rally held against non payment of salaries of para medical staff

HYDERABAD: Pakistan Para Medical Association (PPMA) on Monday staged a protest rally against the stoppage of salaries of hundreds of para medical employees of Hyderabad and Jamshoro.

PPMA leaders Abdul Hameed Jatoi, Ravi Tamboli, Lakha Dino Abro, Asif Ansari and others led the rally here at Hyderabad Press club and demanded payment of three years salaries of affected employees.

They said the salaries of 182 employees of Civil hospital Hyderabad were discharging their duties regularly but they were denied their salaries for the last three years.

Despite registering complaints with higher authorities, para medical staff had not been paid salaries due to which their families were passing hard days, PPMA leaders complained.

They also demanded of the health authorities to resolve genuine problems of para medical employees of civil hospital Hyderabad as early as possible.