Rallies held to mark ‘Works Labour Day’

HYDERABAD:A number of rallies were taken out and demonstrations were organized to mark the world labour day and pay tribute to the martyred labours of Chicago.

National Trade Union Federation, All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Union, Sindh Sugar Mills Workers Federation, Trade Corporation Limited Employees Union and several other labour unions as well as the labour wings of the political parties participated in the demonstrations.

The union leaders who spoke at the rallies said the labour laws had failed to provide reasonable salaries, job security, workplace safety and other facilities to labours.

They said the labours were still working on low wages drawing between Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 per day.

They deplored that the rulers had not formed the policies which benefited the labours.

The union leaders while pointing to the ever growing inflation said no governmental policy ensured that the labours did not suffer directly as a consequence of the inflation.

They demanded of the federal and provincial governments to increase the minimum wage, provide EOBI and other facilities besides the workplace safety to the labours.