Replying to media persons’ questions

Replying to media persons’ questions, Fawad Hussain said the government wanted to proceed for electoral reforms with consensus and the opposition was needed to play its role in this regard. The minister said if both PPP and PML-N were not in favour of voting right to the overseas Pakistanis and their contesting the elections they should come forward and oppose it openly. He said that the government was enjoying majority in the National Assembly and the Senate and hence did not require support of the opposition parties for general electoral reforms but for the constitutional reforms their support was necessary for the two constitutional amendments. Referring to the PML-N’s opposition on the use of electronic voting machines in future elections, the minister insisted that instead of rejecting it they should seek input from their own technical experts. He also referred to the attempts made by the government on several occasions and the non-cooperation of the opposition while PPP had named Naveed Qamar as its focal person with regard to the parliamentary committee on electoral reforms whereas the PML-N had not responded to the letter written by the NA Speaker. He said that the prime minister, the speaker of the National Assembly and the federal ministers were appealing to the opposition for electoral reforms. Replying to a question, the minister said that one of the reforms was that the demarcation would be carried out on the basis of population and the voters in each constituency would be equally distributed to put an end to voters’ disparity in constituencies. The minister also ruled out the possibility of hacking of EVMs, as these would not be connected to the internet as such and be in stand alone position. He said that therefore, the chances of hacking were zero.