Rescue 1122 rescue 1842 people during March

KHANEWAL: Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 had rescued some 1842 people in Khanewal by responding 1886 emergency calls during the last month of March.

District Emergency Officer Dr Khalid Mahmood disclosed this while presiding over a meeting held to review monthly performance of Rescue 1122 here on Thursday.

The District Emergency Officer said that rescue 1122 had received 523 emergency calls of road accidents, 18 of fire, 83 of crime, 964 of medical, three of drowning into water, four of building collapse and 291 of other emergency incidents during the last month.

The rescue 1122 had shifted 1578 patients to the hospitals and provided first aid to 183 persons. The rescue officials have also shifted 562 patients from one hospital to another under patients transfer service.

He said the rescue 1122 had responded each call within an average of seven minutes.

Dr Khalid Mahmood said that Rescue 1122 Khanewal had received 52095 calls during the last month out of which only 1886 were emergency calls.

He urged the citizens to avoid wrong calls in order to save lives and properties of others.