Rescue 1122 saves five puppies

PESHAWAR: Rescue 1122 staff in Swat district on Wednesday saved five puppies stranded in the mid of fast current of flash flood at a canal near Marghazar area by putting their lives in danger.

The operation was carried out in response to a call by people of Marghazar that five puppies were stuck amid gushing water of a canal in the area, said a statement of Rescue 1122.

The canal water flows normally, but recent incessant rains in the whole province caused fast flow of water.

The Rescue staffers on reaching the site planned rescue operation of crossing flash flood by using rope.

After holding strongly the rope, a staffer of rescue team entered the canal and waded difficultly towards the puppies by maintaining his body balance to protect himself from being swept away.

Later on the puppies were put in a sack and the official was pushed back towards embankment by his team members.

The terrified puppies were shifted to a safe place and were also provided food and warm environment, adds the statement.

Local people present on the occasion, highly praised bravery and dedication of Rescue 1122 team members in saving lives of innocent animals.

On receiving report about the unique and courageous operation, Director General 1122 KP, Dr. Khateer Muhammad announced honouring of team members with commendation certificates.

He said the team members have proved that the organization is selflessly working for saving lives of all the humans and other creatures as well.