Rescue staffers foil suicide bid, successfully brings man down from 11000 voltage electricity tower

PESHAWAR: Rescue-1122 staffers here on Friday successfully foiled suicide bid by an elderly person who scaled 11000 voltage electricity tower at Pahari Pura area near M: 1 Motorway on the suburbs of Peshawar.

According to Rescue-1122, emergency call was received about scaling of a high voltage 11000 electricity tower by a person with the intention of jumping down to commit suicide.

The rescue teams rushed to the site and engaged the person in talks while some of the officials scaled the tower.

Elevators were also used by Rescue team for bringing down the person while as a safety measure some of the people including locals tighten a wide cloth down on the earth to keep the person protected if in case he jumped from elevation.

The person is identified as Fazal Yousaf who is 55 years of age and belongs to Lower Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Rescue team successfully bring him down from the tower and has shifted him to hospital for examination.