Rice growers stressed to adopt SRP standards to improve yield

SHEKHUPURA: Rice growers in a training session here on Wednesday were asked to adopt Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) standards to achieve high yield per acre of the crop.

The training session was organized by Rice Partners Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and MARS food where over 120 rice growers attended, said a press released received here.

The objective of the training was to train the rice farmers as per global rice standards of Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP).

Talking to rice growers, the facilitator said present water scarce scenario of our country was underlined to keep the lands fertile for longer period, and it was very important to follow the SRP standards in rice cultivation operations.

“This is need of the time that all the stakeholder must bring all the rice growers under the umbrella of SRP,” said Project Manager of WAPRO Mr. Zafar Iqbal.

In training sessions it was discussed that most of the rice farmers adopt indigenous method of rice cultivation and did not follow the modern techniques as per recommended in SRP standards. The objective of this training is only to equip the farmers about SRP standards which are highly recommendable in developed countries.

Chief Operating officer Rice partners Pvt. Ltd Mohammad Ali Tariq informed the participants about the importance and inter-relation of United Nation’s SDGs with Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP).

He added that this was demand of the current area that all the rice

growers should adopt sustainable rice cultivation to gain high yield, and to preserve natural resources.

Senior Advisor RPL Dr. Riaz Mann highlighted the importance of laser

land leveling, direct seeding of rice (DSR),AWD technology and post-harvest losses imperative for sustainable rice cultivation.

He also highlighted the importance of balanced use of fertilizers as per SRP standards. He trained the farmers regarding adoption Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in rice cultivation as per SRP standards.