RWMC, Albayrak conduct cleanliness awareness drive at UC-30 Chah Sultan

RAWALPINDI: Under its ongoing drive against dengue and Covid pandemic across the city, the communication teams of Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC) and Albayrak here on Friday conducted public awareness campaign against dengue and Covid pandemic at UC-30 Chah Sultan area. The teams first met with Imams and Khateebs of the local mosques before Jumma congrigation besides holding meetings with residents of the locality under the door-to-door campaign ‘Dastak’.

The communication teams told the Khateebs to disseminate cleanliness message among public through Friday sermons.

The teams told them about the importance of cleanliness both from religious and social perspectives, particularly in the prevailing Covid situation.

They were asked to disseminate the cleanliness message and precautionary measure regarding dengue fever and coronavirus in the Khutbat-e-Jumma or in other religious congregations. Moreover, they were told that their co-operation would lead to a ‘Clean and Green City’. They were asked that for their co-operation, they should remind the general public to put the waste in the waste bags or dump it into the waste holders of the Company or handover it to sanitary workers.

On the other side of door-to- door campaign, they communication teams also asked the residents to keep the area clean against dengue and other diseases.

They were requested to follow the SOPs regarding corona i.e. to wash hands with soap for 20 seconds, observe social distancing, wear face masks, avoid gatherings, cover nose and face if there is flue or cough.

The people were requested in general to inform the general public that not to burn the waste, dump it in the waste containers or hand it over to the waste specialist of the companies.

The were also informed to call on helpline number 1139 for any queries regarding sanitation and cleanliness in their area besides registration of complaints or giving their suggestions.