SAU starts experimental work to reduce dogs reproductive capacity

HYDERABAD:Sindh Agriculture University has started experimental work to reduce the reproductive capacity of dogs in order to save people from dog biting incidents.

Under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Nawaz Tunio, Chairman, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, the university spokesman informed here on Tuesday that experimental and practical work has been started to eliminate production capacity instead to kill the dogs. The work is the part of project to make the province rabies risk free by curbing the growing number of dogs, he said.

Dr. Ahmad Nawaz Tunio, Chairman, Department of Surgery has started the work with his team in laboratories and operation theater, in which Dr. Syed Ghiasuddin Shah Rashdi, Dean of the Faculty and Dr. Abdullah Arijo, Chairman, Department of Veterinary Parasitology are assisting him.

Dr. Ahmad Nawaz Tanio informed that the project has been started on the special directives of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh mari while Dr. Abdullah Arijo said that this small scale experiment programme will provide sigh of relief to the people from dog biting incidents and rabies.