Seven more succumbed to Covid-19 at Nishtar Hospital

MULTAN: Another seven patients including four women and three male lost battle of life against Coronavirus at Nishtar Hospital within last 24 hours.

Nishtar focal person for infectious diseases, Dr Irfan Arshad said that Sitara Bibi (50), Sajjad (21) Rasheeda Bibi (50), Mureed Sultan (63) Perveen Bibi (50)Allah Ditta (60) and Saeeda Bibi (72) passed away at ICU of Nishtar hospital.

Sajjad, Sitara and Mureed belonged to Multan, Rasheeda and Mureed to Muzaffargarh and Haleema while Perveen and Saeeda hailed from Vehari, he informed.

71 patients were positive and 34 were suspected out of total 167 cases, he concluded.