SMEDA organizes awareness workshop on ISO certificate

PESHAWAR: Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) organized an awareness workshop for honey and olive farmers on Certificate Incentives for SME here on Tuesday.

Representatives of honey cluster Peshawar and olive farmers from Talash Dir Lower participated in the workshop. Anwar Iqbal, a young consultant on SME sector gave a detailed presentation on the Certificate Incentives for SME.

The Rs.745.81 million projects was launched by the Ministry of Science & Technology and implementing it through its subsidiary, the Pakistan Council of Science & Industrial Research (PCSIR).

The objectives of the project are to guide and support SMEs to adopt new trends of international competitiveness, improved industrial productivity and quality; provide incentive grants to more than 2000

SMEs in developing a certificate framework to improve business practices and enhancing export and improve competitiveness of Pakistani SMEs in global supply chain.

In his presentation, the consultant, Anwar Iqbal briefed the participants in detail about the ISO 22000, Food Safety Management System and its benefits for the SMEs.

The certificate, he said is being issued by International Standard Organization (ISO) through a specified procedure and certify that the concerned food product is fulfilling the criteria of the standards that

is acceptable around the world.

He said that in future, the possession of such kind of

certification will also essential in Pakistan. PCSIR, he said is facilitating the SMEs in the obtaining of such certificate and after

finding that the product is fulfilling the criteria is being forward to

the Ministry of Science and Technology for formal approval, which is followed by giving approval for issuance of formal certificate to the applicant.

The expenses incurred on the process for the obtaining of the ISO certificate is submitted with PCSIR, which a release a maximum grant of Rs.0.4 million. Though the license is issued for a period of one year, but is annual renewal is essential.