’Subsidy being provided to increase cotton cultivation’

FAISALABAD: Government has evolved a comprehensive strategy to increase cultivation of cotton by providing subsidy on fertilize and seed as this crop was playing pivotal role in strengthening national economy.

Spokesman of the agriculture department said Wednesday that although cotton was a cash crop and called as “White Gold”.

He said that the government had decided to convince the farmers to bring maximum land under cotton cultivation. The government had fixed a target of 15 million bales of cotton this year and for this purpose, the cotton crops would be cultivated over 5.5 million acres of land in Punjab, he added.

He said that the government was providing subsidy of Rs.1000 per bag of cotton seed, Rs.800 per bag on Potash fertilizer and Rs.500 per bag on DAP fertilizer so that the growers could cultivate it on maximum space.

In this connection, field staff of agriculture department has also been activated to persuade the growers so that they could bring maximum land under cotton cultivation and increase its production.

He further said that agriculture department was also devised a comprehensive strategy under which seminars, training workshops and sessions were being arranged at union council level whereas the field staff was also assigned cotton cultivation targets and their performance would be monitored and checked regularly, he added.

He said that the field staff had also been directed to compile data of cotton growers so that they could also avail from incentives and subsidies announced by the government for this sector.

The farmers should cultivate approved varieties including CIM-496, CIM-506, CIM-554, CIM-573, MNH-786, CRSM-38, PH-167, FH-942, NIAB-852, NIAB-777, NIAB-846, SLH-317, etc. on maximum space of land. More information in that regard could be obtained from agri free helpline 0800-15000 and 0800-29000, he added.