Taimur creates Pakistan record of 28 under 260 over 72-holes in Inter-Services Golf

PESHAWAR:International Taimur Naseer becomes the first golfer of Pakistan by creating a record of 28 under 260 over 72 holes in the Inter-Services Golf Championship, which concluded here at PAF Golf Course on Tuesday.

After a successful first round, Taimur played the second round of six under par 66 to made an aggregated total of 19 under 125 over 36 holes and overbeaten the record of international golfer Imdad Hussain of 18 under par, he created in way back in 1996 at Peshawar. Imdad created his record while playing in PAF Golf Course in his three rounds over 56 holes but Taimur did that over 36 holes only.

Playing his third round with six under par 66 and similarly recorded another vital round of three under 69 to make an aggregated 28 under 260 over 72 holes by taking top position among all top golfers. Taimur also got the distinction of scoring one eagle at hole no. 12 on the third day and 31 total birdies. It is also a record of hitting one eagle and 31 birdies in four-day rounds over 72 holes.

International golfer of Pakistan Air Force Senior Tech Taimur Naseer had earlier created a new Pakistan record of hitting 13 under 59 over 18 holes on the first-day. Taimur , carded seven under 29 at front nine holes and six under 30 at back nine by completing a record breaking 13 under 59 over 18 holes. The promising Taimur made seven birdies at front nine at hole no, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 and similarly after five consecutive birdies at front nine holes, he also made birdies at six more birdies at 12, 14, 17 and 18.

Taimur broke the Pakistan record of Ahmad Baig who created the record of hitting 12 under par 60 while playing at Royal Palm Lahore. Besides this young Taimur, an in-form golfer, succeeded in breaking another record of 11 under par 61 created by international golfer Shabir Iqbal while playing at PAF Golf Course Peshawar.

Taimur thanked PAF Sports Control Committee and Pakistan Golf Federation for extending him all out support and expressed the hope that he would continue making recorded with the prayers of his mother and father Naseer Khan.

“We lost the match of the Inter-Services Golf Championship by two strokes as Navy team carded 1104 score over 72 holes and PAF team made 1106 score while Army got third position with 1196 score,” Taimur added.

About the coming assignment, Taimur disclosed that he is gearing up for Malaysia Amateur Open to be played in June this year besides selected to represent Pakistan World Military Team to play in the World Military Games in China in November-December this year. The three other players selected in for the World Military Games comprising Senior Tech Mohammad Ashfaq who carded 21 under 267 over 72 holes after playing a rounds of 67, 64, 67, 69. Ansar Mehmood and Ali Naqas of Pakistan Navy were also short-listed for team with Taimur Naseer and Mohammad Ashfaq. Ansar carded rounds of 67, 67, 67 and 69 with an aggregated total 18 under 270 and Ali Naqas 67, 66, 69, and 71 with an aggregated total of 15 under 273.